Our Proposal Story

We’re engaged!

After 4.5 fun years together, we’re ENGAGED! I briefly told you guys about it in my recent life update post, but I wanted to tell you more about it in its own post! It was seriously the best day of my life, and I couldn’t have imagined it being any more perfect than it was. So, without further ado…here’s our proposal story!

How he asked

In the days leading up to graduation, Nate mentioned that he made plans with our friend Blaine to all take his sweet girlfriend, Katie, to see the lighthouse on Key Biscayne because she’d never been before. Since I never turn down adventure outings, I was all for it. So, we planned to get up early on Sunday morning after graduation, before having to check out of our hotel for the weekend.

I remember waking up still on that holy crap, I just graduated high. I was happy, and excited for our “last” adventure in Miami before heading back upstate. Then, the fact that it was a little before 8am on a Sunday hit me and I needed coffee ASAP. So, after getting ready, we headed down to the lobby for coffee and then off to Key Biscayne, which was only a short drive from the hotel.

He had a nice shirt and jeans on, and all I had packed for this day was a comfy outfit and sneakers (hah!). I remember feeling a little under dressed when I first saw what he was wearing, but he said that’s all he packed for the weekend too. Anyway, I didn’t think much else of it after that.

So, we got to the park and it was nice. We just walked around, took some random pictures together by the water and then made our way to the lighthouse. It was so hot that day, but we made the climb up the lighthouse to see the prettiest view of Biscayne Bay.

After admiring the best view, and taking it all in that this was one of our last times being up there until who knows when, we made our way back down. Once we walked out, he suggested we take a photo with the lighthouse in the background. And since I never turn down cute photo ops, of course I thought it was a good idea too! And so, Katie and Blaine took both of our phones to take the photos.

We took a few, and then oddly (but still oblivious…) he asked to see how they were turning out. We looked at them and he asked to take “one more.” So we got back in our usual pose, and then all of a sudden I felt him bending down as he got down on one knee saying that he has something he’s “been wanting to ask…”

Of course, I said YES!

These are my favorite pictures of this day, and I think that they really speak for themselves! No, I wasn’t all dressed up in the “perfect” proposal outfit (hahah), BUT I wouldn’t have changed anything about this day. It was perfect, unexpected and in the dreamiest spot. To be honest, I was totally surprised at how well and smoothly he planned it all out–I had no idea what was going to happen!

After that, we took a few more photos, laughed and cried a bit. Then, we made our way back to the hotel and both of our families were already waiting for us in the lobby to celebrate–ya know, because they allll knew! It was the best. One of my favorite parts was finding out that Nate even went to my parents’ house one weekend to ask for their permission. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter man to spend my life with.


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