The One Where We Went to Charleston

Leaving Savannah with a full stomach and a great start to our road trip, we were off to our first stop for the next couple of days: Charleston, South Carolina.After roughly 7 hours of drive time, we were SO relieved to finally be at our first official destination. Since we only had two full days in Charleston, we knew that we had absolutely no time to waste.

Charleston City Night Market

The first thing on our agenda was the Charleston City Night Market.

This market is the largest handcrafted market in the Southeast. Featuring local artists and live music, the night market stretches along three whole city blocks right in downtown Charleston. So, you could imagine how hard it was not to buy the first few things I found since there was still so much more!

Although I low key tried to buy something from every vendor, I did manage to limit myself to only buying two things! I bought a deliciously smelling wood-wick candle from Element Candles and a handmade, laser engraved wallet from Just Right 4 Y’all for Nate.

The next couple of days were spent wandering around downtown, stopping at almost every boutique and every other place that had A/C because it was SO hot that weekend.

Despite the heat, with the city’s irresistible charm and character, I couldn’t help but fall more in love with Charleston from every street that we turned to walk down.

I mean… C’mon… this city is way too pretty for any missed photo opps! 🙂

Funny Story…

After walking around and shopping for a couple hours, we decided to head back to the hotel early so we can both shower and rejuvenate for later dinner plans.

Since having taken so long to find a parking spot that morning and driving down every street, we didn’t have a single clue as to where we ended up leaving the car. We paid the lot attendant and just walked off.

We walked down every single street in downtown Charleston three times (each) that day in about 95 degree weather and tried to navigate using Maps on our iPhones. After about 3.5 hours, and both of our phones being dead, we finally swallowed our pride and asked a nearby parking lot attendant for help.

(By now we had been walking for about 5-6 hours total for the day, in sandals, and the sun was going down)

Since he was wearing the same company shirt as the  guy we paid earlier that morning for our parking, we figured he’d know more about where the other nearby lots were. Turns out, it was about 500 feet behind us… a place that we had passed by about 6 times that day.

I nearly cried tears of joy when we finally got in that car.

Moral of the story: always take note (or photo) of your surroundings to remember where you parked.

After exploring most of the downtown area, we headed south of Broad Street to Waterfront Park, which is just another beautiful area to walk around and explore :). The walk to the park was gorgeous, but definitely a hot one. Thankfully there’s a pretty large shaded area with benches to cool off once you get to the park because Lord knows I needed it! Hahah.

Even with the heat and long walk, the view was definitely worth it! After all, nothing really beats some fresh air and sunshine! 🙂

It was a great and memorable couple of days spent in Charleston, to say the least. But it wasn’t our last stop! Find out where we headed off to next 🙂


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