Chattanooga, TN + Indian Seats Trail Hike

Leaving South Carolina wasn’t the easiest goodbye because it’s just so dang pretty everywhere you look. But on the bright side, we still had two more destinations to get to!The drive from South Carolina to Chattanooga had some of the most breath-taking views that I’ve ever seen. I could literally do that drive about five more times and still not be tired of the view. After a long day of hiking and driving the day before, we decided to spend our day exploring downtown Chattanooga with all the good food and cute shops.

And just my luck… the day we decided to see most of the cute things and places that Chattanooga has to offer, I ran out of photo storage. Bleh. BUT, I will say that the downtown area is a must for shopping and browsing the cutest boutiques with the prettiest mountain views in the distance.

Also, if you’re visiting around breakfast/brunch time, I highly recommend Maple Street Biscuit Company if you’ve never been to one of their locations before. And if you have been to one before, still go anyway because it’s flippin’ delicious.

And just like that, our day and night in Chattanooga came to an end… Sigh. The next day we headed off for our second and last hike of the trip: Sawnee Mountain Preserve, Indian Seats Trail. To be honest, we were super hesitant about this hike because of what happened on our first hike attempt… but we were determined to end our trip on a positive note and went for it anyway.

Indian Seats Trail Hike

It’s safe to say that the Indian Seats Trail treated us very well, thank the Lord! Haha, I’m not sure what would have happened if the weather failed us again in the same week.

This hike was definitely one of my all time favorites because it helped conquer my fear of living on the edge. When we finally reached the famous Indian Seats, I didn’t hesitate to sit in one of the seats and dangle my feet over the edge of that mountain. Pretty sure it was just all the excitement that instantly kicked in because we successfully reached the top.

It wasn’t until I actually sat down and gazed at the view that I realized I was literally dangling my feet over the edge of a mountain. Whaaat!?

I’d say this was just about the best way to end our first of many best-friend road trips. It was definitely a learning experience for the both of us, since it was our first time traveling more than a week without parents or other adults (yaas, we’re officially adulting).

We will definitely be doing another road trip like this in the near future. So, stay tuned! 😉 Thanks for all of you who followed along this quick series of this summer’s road trip!


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