Three Hours in Savannah, GA

After a jam-packed school year and not enough home visits, my best friend and I packed up the Jeep and headed off on a week-long road trip to three southern charm-filled cities that have been our travel bucket list long enough: Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC; Chattanooga, TN; and Atlanta, GA.


How to Spend a Weekend in Key West

One of the best parts about going to school in Miami is that the beautiful Florida Keys are only a stones throw away! Before my recent trip, I’ve only ever been to the keys once in my life, which is surprising since I was born and raised in Florida (LOL).…


Washington D.C. Travel Guide

This passed Labor Day weekend was spent exploring Washington D.C. with a friend of mine from school. We got to see and do so much that it’s definitely one of my all time favorite trips! All you need is 3 days in this fun and historical place, that you’ll never want…


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