Caesars Head State Park & Bald Rock, SC

After a fun and memorable couple of days spent in Charleston it was about that time for our second adventure.

When Peyton and I had first begun planning this road trip, we both agreed that hiking had to be in the top three activities that we’d do. After researching many beautiful hiking spots along our desired route, we finally narrowed it down to Caesars Head State Park.

One of the coolest features about this park was that right next to the entrance and visiting center was a short walk way and a few steps that led you to the most breath taking view of the mountains.



There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.

Spoiler: Notice all of the clouds above my head that we apparently never noticed before we began down the four mile trail.

 After gazing at this awesome view, we were both eager to see more; so we headed down one of the trails we previously read about in hopes of ending up in sight of a gorgeous waterfall.

When Peyton and I were about 3/4 of the way to the waterfall, we started to hear some rumbles from the great big sky above us followed by the sound of tiny rain drops hitting the tops of the trees. By this time, we stopped and looked at each other with the look of “do we haul ass to the waterfall or turn back now before getting caught in the rain?”

Obviously we’re not ones to just quit and walk away, so we decided to take our chances against Mother Nature and hope that either the storm would pass over quickly or just hold up until we got back to the car. OBVIOUSLY, Mother Nature doesn’t work that way. Shocker.

Long story short, it absolutely down poured on us about 45 seconds after we decided to keep going. And then guess what? We still kept going. And no, the storm never did just pass over… it kept raining and raining. After fast walking through mud puddles for the last quarter mile or so, in the pouring rain, we finally reached the waterfall.

Oh the waterfall… the waterfall for which I had to squint my eyes to even get a clear view of. We made it to the end; saw a pretty waterfall from about two miles away; and then sat at the overlook soaking wet and laughing about our luck.

Turns out, we ended up going down the wrong trail. HAHA.



Although the hike didn’t go exactly as planned, we still left that place on a good note.

After making it back to the car and we were on our way down the mountain and on to our next destination, we stumbled across this gem tucked off the side of the road—Bald Rock.

Apparently it’s a thing? I don’t know. Either way, who could stay in a salty mood after coming across an unexpected view like this? Not me, nope.


All in all, Caesars Head State Park and Bald Rock both had #views to die for. I highly recommend this hike spot on a clear, sunny day and an accurate hike route.

But wait, there’s more!

Stay tuned to read about our next destination 🙂


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