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First Thoughts On the State Fair of Texas

When Nate and I first moved to Dallas, the most recommended thing to put on our “must do” list was the State Fair of Texas. It was all Texans could talk about in the couple of months and weeks leading up to the big opening on September 28th, and for good reason!


Our Proposal Story

How he asked In the days leading up to graduation, Nate mentioned that he made plans with our friend Blaine to all take his sweet girlfriend, Katie, to see the lighthouse on Key Biscayne because she’d never been before. Since I never turn down adventure outings, I was all for…


Life Update

As some of you may know, I initially started this blog as a way to document my travels. However, I feel that I would be holding back on some pretty big moments going on in my life if I choose to only share travel-related content.


Seattle Travel Guide

A few months ago, my best friend and I embarked on our second annual summer trip for just over a week. This year we headed to the Pacific Northwest to visit Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver (BC). Today I’ve put together a quick Seattle travel guide for anyone who’s planning to visit anytime soon!


Bouncing Back After Thanksgiving Break

The worst part about Thanksgiving break is obviously when it’s over and you’re rolling into class on Monday. In reality, the only thing worse than seeing assignments and your to-do list grow as the end of the semester creeps up, is actually being teased by this short break. It’s just…


How to Set Goals for the Semester and Actually Stick to Them

The semester is coming to an end, and you’ve just realized you haven’t met a single “big goal” from that list you made back in August. You may be thinking, “Where did I go wrong?” or “How did I let this happen, again?” Don’t fret, because we’ve all been there.…


How to Spend 36 Hours in Portland

Last summer officially marked our first of many annual summer trips together, but this year, we went a little further!


Food Guide to Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic

What better way to spend your time in a small Dominican beach town than walking the streets alongside locals, grabbing a café con leche to-go and heading to a new beach for the day? One of the many take-aways from growing up in a small town is…


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