A Florida Girl’s Christmas in the Midwest

As a Florida native, preparing for winter has always been simple—mostly because there’s literally nothing to even prepare for. All you need is a light jacket and maybe a cute pair of boots to help make you feel a little more “in style,” if that’s your sorta thing. Almost everyone I’ve met that has moved to Florida, from up north, said they moved here to escape the cold. But, what if I told you I wouldn’t mind trading in these 85°-90° winter seasons for those pretty white Christmases?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the good ol’ Sunshine State. Florida has been my home for 21 years and will always have a special place in my heart. But, change is good. It makes you appreciate some things you may take for granted—like the feeling in your face and toes. Despite the temporary numbness, I don’t think I’ll ever turn down a trip up north during the winter. So if I ever do, send help.

As a little girl, I was fortunate enough that my parents would plan family vacations during winter to places like North Carolina, Tennessee, and Illinois for my brother and I to play in the snow and experience good ol’ log cabin living. I loved it. Everything about it. Pretty sure that’s where it all began for me and my winter wonderland dreams.

For Floridians, any temperature below 70º means that it is pretty “chilly” out and you won’t wanna leave home without that jacket or a hot beverage! For me, it’s heaven on earth. I love the cold and always have. Call me a confused Floridian, if you will. But, it’s true.

So, I guess you can say me having a boyfriend from Iowa is like… perfect, right? 😉 I would say so!



For the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of spending a couple weeks of winter vacation with my boyfriend and his family in Iowa. It’s been the best and happiest of times for me. Of course not just because I get to see snow again… 😉 But, it brings back those childhood memories with my family and that rush of being somewhere new and beautiful, even if it’s only for a few days. It’s also fun getting to experience new memories with his family at their home. Plus, I think my boyfriend gets as excited as I do because that means he gets to take me around and see me play in the snow like a child hahah.

As a couple, it’s also fun to go on cute and cozy dates that we normally wouldn’t go on while down in Florida—like going to the local coffee shop to sit by the fire with hot cocoa and coffee or going out for the perfect warm and cold dessert combo like the “Zookie.” I mean, technically we could do that in Florida… but it just isn’t as fun knowing there’s no snow and cold weather outside 😉

So, I guess it’s all about perspective. Some northerners may hate the winter—and I get it… shoveling snow multiple times a day, waiting for the car to warm up, that feeling of just wanting to hibernate all season long, etc.

But still… all I see is a winter wonderland 🙂



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